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For Part A of this assignment I have chosen to undertake Option 2: Locate, critique and plan for an excursion, including a lesson plan associated with the excursion. Due to being in Primary/Middle education, I have chosen to plan my excursion for year 9 students, and I have decided to plan around the ACARA Content Description and depth study of World War I. My excursion plan, as it is based around a slightly older age group, includes two places of interest. The first is the National War Memorial, while the second is the Museum of South Australia. I have chosen to include these two locations as they are less than five minutes away from each other and tie together to provide both an overview of the history, as presented by the Museum, and a…show more content…
This excursion plan fits into both the Questioning and Researching areas of the Inquiry Model. Seeing the War Memorial could spark the interest of students, and make them curious to know answers about the names written inside of it. From here, they can conduct their research at the Museum, finding primary and secondary sources and observing the exhibits about the War, taking notes and furthering their knowledge. This fits with Arnold (2010)’s notes on the Inquiry Model as a learning framework, particularly in stages 2 and 3, but also in 4 and 5- ‘tuning in’ and seeing key concepts involved in the study, and hypothesising potential outcomes based on their knowledge. This is followed by gathering and examining scenes from the museum and memorial, allowing students to build on and further their own knowledge. This also links heavily with Cam (1995)’s work on building a community of inquiry in the classroom. To support the Inquiry Model and community of inquiry, I will structure my lessons to allow for student co-operation, sharing knowledge and notes and working together to further their learning. This excursion will support me to plan learning experiences that are interactive and develop a ‘true’ understanding of the content as the students can engage with the war memorial, spike their interest, and then research further for themselves while they are in the museum, encouraging a critical curriculum as per Gilbert

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