My Exercise At High School Athletes

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I have always been a very active person. I workout five times a week for an hour and half a day, as well as walking across campus two to three times a day. My kneecaps have gotten stronger and I created a workout routine that has worked for me. My weight and my blood pressure are normal. The reason I needed to create my workout is because I had been a three sport varsity athlete in high school but I suffered kneecap injuries, which forced me to stop playing. The goals for my workout were to build up my knees and thigh areas. I also wanted to build muscle mass in my upper body. I need to eat a good healthy balance of food and drink. I don’t care much for chocolate or sweets and that helps me when it comes to choosing what to eat. However, I did come to realize that I need to eat more variety of fruits and vegetables. These goals were met throughout the course of the semester and I was able to succeed in my workout. I had to make two visits to the Human Performance Lab Center to get my results to my baseline my level of fitness. The first time I went to the Human Performance Lab Center it was with the whole class and the second time by myself. My results from both assessments were the exact same scores. The Center checked for: weight, height, Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat, Resting Blood Pressure (BP), Cardiorespiratory fitness, sit and reach, push ups, curl ups, shoulder flexibility, grip, posture, and wall sitting.
For me the toughest test was the shoulder…
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