My Experience Acquired While I Am Abroad? Saudi Arabia And My Graduate Studies

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Episode: 1
My Second & Third Occupations Abroad in Saudi Arabia and my Progressing Post Graduate Studies
a) Introduction:-
1.1) This career episode reviews my experience acquired while I am abroad in Saudi Arabia and my ongoing post graduate studies. From October 2012 to October 2014 I joined National Grid SA (Central Region Projects Department) as a Projects Engineer (Civil). And from November 2014 up to date I joined PROGER Engineering & Management as a Planning & Follow-up Engineer. This episode also spot the light on my ongoing distance learning M.Sc. studies in Heriot Watt University started in September 2014 and expected to finish on May 2017.
B) Background
1.2) Proger is an international company providing Engineering & Management
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Projects & Engineering Business Units of National Grid are in charge of the projects for substations and transmission lines and they handle many projects at the same time. Due to the country rules & regulations and shortage of professionals, National Grid Projects Department had to use Manpower Suppliers to provide them with the required professions. I was headhunted and hired by Palace Consultant Engineers; a consultancy firm which had a manpower supply contract with National Grid, to work in within NG Central Projects department, my position described in the following organization chart.

1.5) Heriot watt university, a leading UK university for business and industry with an established reputation for world class teaching and pioneering research, On September 2014 I have been admitted to complete my post graduate Studies in Construction Project Management ; an M.Sc. program which is fully accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Chartered Institute of Building. The program consists of eight modules and two researches, I successfully completed and passed four modules and I am expecting to complete my whole studies by May 2017.
1.6) During my career Ethical and Professional & Social Responsibilities were strictly followed , values such as honesty and attention were preserved and never overlooked. My decisions were based on the best interests of my company, I only accepted assignment that I am qualified to

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