My Experience After High School

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Three years ago, I never would have imagined I would be who I am today. Three years ago, I enrolled Norton High School, terrified of the unknown, but now, I am excited for the unknown. For I know myself better, as do I understand the world around me now. I never comprehended such a simple activity called marching band, would have impacted my outlook on life forever. As an only girl in my family, besides my mother, I did not have many people to bond with growing up, since my younger brothers did not want to play with me. I was a shy and independent child, hated group projects, loved the solitude of myself and my thoughts. Therefore, often times I was seen as shy and soft-spoken. I was also a dancer, a saxophonist, and a vocalist at the time and loved music; however, I did not think I would pursue any music career after high school. This behavior I thought was normal, continued into my freshman year of high school. . . and it did not help that I was transferring to a brand new school with brand new people. Though I was terrified of the new life to come, one thing stayed consistent which was my love for music. I joined the marching band in fear of taking the required gym credit and slowly but surely, I realized, I had a strength in my life finally. I had something I could always rely on, and that foundation was marching band. Marching band provided me a place I could go and know exactly what needed done and knew exactly what to expect. The people, the ideas, the complete aura
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