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College: An Experience Astronaut Frank Borman is quoted as saying, “Exploration is really the essence of human spirit”. When combatted with describing the first week of my new life as a Keystone College Giant, this quote appears in my mind. College has been described by some as the time and place for self discovery. And, through out this week of starting new classes, meeting new people, trying new things, and, creating and breaking habits, I think that I have begun to explore the person I want to become. The class of 2021 began this journey with a weekend packed with new memories and pleasant experiences. This was helpful in getting me settled in and ready to start my eight a.m. Calculus class on Monday morning. I had never realized just how much I could enjoy the morning until I experienced it here at Keystone. I was convinced that having five days of early classes was a set up to have the worst semester possible. However, when my alarm went off and I rolled out of bed, I was shocked to find the quiet campus and the aroma of fresh coffee rather warming. Although I tend to be a night owl I think that I may come to appreciate being an early bird as well. As I join the clusters of half awake students trudging to class, I notice things we have in common and small conversations start. Occasionally, small talk becomes longer discussions and I find myself surrounded by people that I could become very close friends with. One of the on going themes at orientation was forming
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