My Experience As A Service Dog For The Blind Person

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I looked out upon Gigi for the first time in five months through a lobby window. She had officially completed her training at The Seeing Eye to become a service dog for the blind. I had assembled with the others who had worked for fourteen months to raise her. This was where she began her test of skills for placement as a service dog. I have been training puppies for The Seeing Eye since December of 2014. Starting when they are six weeks old, I train the puppies to follow basic commands and to stop any of their undesirable behaviors. I attend meetings of puppy-raisers and helpers where I handle other dogs. Additionally, I help expose the puppies to new experiences such as car rides, train rides, ferry rides, and social gatherings of all kinds.…show more content…
Although I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting into, I was drawn to the opportunity to work with dogs. After a few sessions working with my first dog, Gail, we had bonded. She came to favor me above all others. When I saw how excited she became to greet me, I knew I was making a difference in her life.
I started out volunteering for The Seeing Eye so I could be with puppies and help my neighbor, but I learned my contribution is part of a process that will greatly impact a blind person. I’m delighted to know that my work will allow someone to lead a productive, independent life. My work for The Seeing Eye also helped me grow as a person. Being entrusted with the care and training of each dog has made me more responsible and organized with my time. From overcoming obstacles in training to meeting new people through the program, I have been given the opportunity to strengthen my communication
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