My Experience As A Social Worker

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Since my experience as a Social Worker has mainly been focused with the youth population, during the course of my career I had to develop very creative skills to engage such population. They experienced inevitable unremitting stress, such as poverty, failing education and exposure to community and interpersonal violence, being aware or pay attention to a task, was very difficult to them. I have done my work with a lot a passion, but since I started the CMF Program, I gained a level of awareness that also gave me a much needed compassionate space for my own suffer and made me get closer to my identity and purpose. I realized that presence is cultivated by practicing being mindful in the smallest occasion, being connected with intention and always requesting an invitation to create a space where relationships and connections occur. It’s about the quality of our attention, and the quality of our thoughts. Without being aware, we create and reproduce structures of domination and biases, by blocking personal growth and continuing marginalization. I have worked on a very real communication, not patronizing my ideas, or hide my weakness. I try vigilantly to praise and appreciate the common human sensitivity, and have an appreciation to see the how the awareness development occurs on the participants that come to my meetings. I have refreshed my skills as a facilitator by always paying attention on how I make my presence to others. I have tried to meet my clients, friends,
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