My Experience As A Tutor

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With an ambition to understand how others teach adults, I decided that I wanted to interview someone who works with adult learners. The person I interviewed, Michael Sweeney, was a choice based on the fact that he doesn’t have any training or prior experience in educating adults, as well as his short tenure (currently in his second term) in the position. In my experience as a tutor, I felt as if I was “thrown” into a situation in which I have to assist other learners in an area I was familiar with. Interestingly enough, however, we agreed on many different points. Michael has been using computer aided design (CAD) software for roughly twenty-four years now. With the level of complexity in the knowledge and the applications he has applied in regards to the software, I would consider him a subject matter expert (SME) on how to use this software. Although using CAD is the primary feature of the course, another aspect is for the learners use what they design and input those files into a computer which operates a plasma cutter. Being a mechanical person and an SME on CAD are the primary reasons why Michael was referred by a mechanics instructor at the Union Steel Workers of America to teach these skills to others. Despite teaching for only a short time now, Michael and I had agreements on several topics, but I was also surprised by a few details. A typical class session for Michael is similar to what I would perceive in any technological or trade based course,
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