My Experience As A Writer

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Many intellectuals describe their educational journey as a step path which will be worth nothing in the end. Mine, on the other hand, will not only impact my life but as well as the life of others. I want to do more with my life, then working at a fast food restaurant. I want to be somebody, and to be somebody, you must have an education. Having an education in today’s society means nothing unless you know how to use it properly. The central part of having an education is learning how to write and the different ways you must write. I, unfortunately, have always struggled with the concept of writing ever since I could remember. However, this semester has taught me that being different with my writing, is a good thing. No matter how bad I thought I was, I can always continue to improve.
This spring semester has been a roller coaster of excitement, from learning new techniques on how to improve my writing skills to putting those skills into action. One thing I believe, I’ve done well this semester was allowing
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I tend to put my ideas together all into one, making it confusing for the readers. In my previous essay's, I’ve noticed a lot of run on sentences and other incorrect grammar issues. In reference to my writing and reading, I believe my only major problem here is that I don’t read a lot of books. At the beginning of middle school, I read many books, but when high school came, I stopped reading. All of those magical pages I read, over the past three years, drifted away like, the moon does every sunrise. I now know and understand that reading is the key to having a better semester. Overall, my primary concern is improving my reading level, which eventually will improve my writing level, making my writing skills 100% better. This semester has been one of the hardest ones for me as a student. It has tested me to my greatest extent, making me put more efforts to my
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