My Experience As An Intern

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Throughout my experience as an intern, I had the same few tasks that I had to complete during the day. My first week, my main priority was correspondence. I had to sort through documents and divide them up into the different departments of the office. The correspondence pertaining to cost corrections were the ones that I had to deal with. I would take those documents and can them into a computer system called Perceptive or Image Now. Then I would go to the que in which I saved the correspondence, pull up the patient’s account on Meditech, which is a system of patient information and charges, and save the data from Perceptive over to Meditech. During my second week, I was taught how to work on claims. First I would separate the claims into two piles, one for auto accident claims and one for workers compensation claims. Then I would look up the patient on the claim in Meditech, get the Image Now number from Meditech, and search for the therapy note of that patient and that date in Image Now. I would then print the daily notes from that session and attached them to the claim. For workers compensation claims, depending on the insurance, I would either need to write in the physician license number or the number representing the location of the service on the claim. Claims turned out to be my highest priority when completing a list of tasks, especially auto accident claims. This is because the business office can be fined for not sending out claims within two weeks. One aspect
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