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My Experience as an Intern: Reflection Paper Mohammed A. Ali Texas A&M University Commerce For my internship, I had the pleasure of working at HCM Systems Inc which is located in the west suburbs of Chicago. HCM is a leader in complete material handling systems integration for the distribution and manufacturing industries. HCM Systems, specializes in package and unit load handling, automatic single line and multi-line palletizing, accumulation conveyor systems, sortation, identification and special custom devices to fulfill specific material handling applications. I had the opportunity to serve as software engineer/ Qualitative Analysis. I worked very closely with the senior developer to work on various projects and perform…show more content…
He advised me not to call myself an intern because it lowers the expectations both that I have of myself and that others have of me. I had a few other encounters with Michael and he continued to strike me as a very powerful and impressive man. From him I learned the importance of appearance, confidence, competence, and leadership which I plan to implement in both my professional and personal life from here on. In general, I am pleased to say that my goals were largely fulfilled. From my very first day on the job, I was very keen to know as many employers as possible in the firm and scheduled a number of informative interviews during lunchtime throughout my internship. In addition to attending all the scheduled talks and team meetings, I assisted the project manager with the documentation of project requirement. As for experiencing the great work environment, I achieved the goal by default by treating myself as a full-time employee, doing all of my assigned work in good faith and accepting responsibilities. In regards to specific skills that I developed on the job, my interpersonal and research skills improved the most. As an intern, I had to interact with different people every day, from senior managers to all the engineers and this experience has enabled me to develop and employ different modes of communication based on the specific circumstances. As for my research skills, I had to do extensive research
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