My Experience As An Msw Student

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My experience as an MSW student maybe slightly different than the traditional student. First I ‘am a transfer student from the University of Southern California. I transferred in 2014 to University of South Carolina and finished taking the remainder of my foundation courses. I have at least 11 years’ experience as a social worker. I have worked in various roles with various population i.e., domestic violence victims, sexually and physically abused children, domestic violence offenders, mentally ill adults/children and intellectually developmental disabled adults. These experience in my career and as grad student gives me a clear understanding of what graduate school “looks like”. My expectation of the age and experience of the other students in graduate school are realistic this year. I believe my expectations are realistic mainly because I have experience at least 2 years in graduate school previously. Transferring from another MSW program has had its challenges for me because some of the classes did not transfer over.
Being a full-time mother, wife and clinical supervisor has also had its challenges. It is true to my personal experience that the graduate programs have more autonomy for the student and less structure. The academic advisors don’t “hold your hand”, but sometimes, in my opinion they should. The online blackboard learning experience and the different changes in curriculum has left some students a little confused. To reconcile this I have tried to stay in…
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