My Experience At 25 Middle School

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As a senior at UNCW, I had an overwhelming desire to better understand community in Wilmington, NC. In the fall of 2011 Williston middle school offered me a Tennis Coach position which I readily accepted. This opportunity opened my eyes to the world of education and the families who function within in it. Teaching tennis to 25 middle school girls was no menial task. A small minority had tennis experience while the majority of players were simply looking for something to occupy their time after school. Also, there were huge socioeconomic disparities among the children and it was fascinating to watch how the tennis season affected their lives outside of school and noticing that fact was when I realized how important this experience was…show more content…
In May of 2012 I completed my Bachelor’s in Community Health Education with UNC-Wilmington. My undergraduate experience was fantastic. Quickly I got involved in sorority life. Driven to find ways to better serve my sisters, I found myself in the role of president my junior year. The experience I acquired was immense. I oversaw an executive board of eight as well as 90 chapter members. The experience taught me about my leadership style and how to work more efficiently with a diverse group of people. I was a correspondent for our national team, attended our convention (a US wide sorority event), and most importantly helped organize the installation of the Iota Pi chapter at Coastal Carolina (a new chapter of our sorority). The installation involved the process of recruiting 90 women, organizing my chapter to aid in recruitment and ceremonies, and conducting the actual ceremony with our national team. The experience I received during my time as president has significantly aided in my success in the workplace because I had experience working with and leading a diverse set of individuals.

In the spring 2012 my community health internship with Community Care of the Lower Cape Fear to complete my Bachelors of Community Health Education began. It was the single most important event of my collegiate career. All of the knowledge I had gathered during my four years at UNCW came together with practical experience. Community Care of the Lower
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