My Experience At A Cosmetology Tech Program

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California. The state that’s known for its palm trees and beaches. That’s where I learned about the next chapter of my life. When I first arrived to California, the atmosphere and culture caught me off guard. Seeing all my friends made me feel welcome and thrilled to live in such a beautiful place. I knew from the moment I got into the taxi with my sister that I wanted to take photos for a living there. My love of California came to be because of my experience during senior year, having the opportunity to visit with my sister and seeing the culture there, and the goals I want to reach in the near future. Two years ago, I was in a cosmetology tech program. After the new year, every student was thinking about what program they wanted to go…show more content…
Seeing all the taxis bustling by becomes overwhelming in a place unknown to me. Experiencing California first hand in Starbucks made me realize my dreams were possible. One day, my sister and I stopped by the Starbucks right across from our hotel. When I entered, I felt right at home. I ordered a sandwich and salt and vinegar potato chips along with a drink. When I picked up my strawberry drink, it’s cold to the touch. I can feel the evaporation from the cold drink seeping through the clear plastic cup. I take a sip and the creamy liquid soothes my throat on this very hot day. While I’m eating, I hear the baristas taking orders from customers. All around me there are people sitting on chairs reading the newspaper, hanging around with friends and family or just chilling doing work on their computers. The atmosphere of Starbucks is so light and fun to be in. As I’m sitting, the breeze blows by calming my soul. It’s days like these that I cherish the small things in life like visiting California. The culture in California is different than any state I’ve visited before. I’ve always had a passion for California and the culture there. California can be so overwhelming to outsiders, tourists, and people who’ve never lived there. When people visit California, they fall in love with the weather. It’s beautiful sunsets are a big part of everyday life not only for natives, but for visitors. It brings a

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