My Experience At A Graduate University Of Iowa City High School Essay

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The realization that I was unequivocally now a graduate student occured to me when I was sitting across from the counselor that I was interviewing for this project. The feelings I experienced beforehand were both excitement and anxiety. I felt nervous about being a guest at a high school and interviewing a seasoned counselor. However, I was thrilled about learning from a veteran in the field and having the freedom to ask the questions that I wanted to know.
The School Counselor that I interviewed was Ben Fraga of Iowa City High School. Similar to me, Fraga had received his College degree in psychology before pursuing a career in School Counseling. He had received his degree from the University of Iowa (near his hometown) before traveling to Arizona State for a Masters degree in School Counseling. After graduating and completing his internship, he applied to many school counseling positions in the midwest region. He ended up receiving a position at Lane Tech High School near chicago (close to where I grew up). Fraga spent nine years as a school counselor at Lane Tech before getting a position at City High and moving back to where he grew up in Iowa city. Ben has now been a School Counselor for fourteen years. For the first five years of his tenure as a counselor Ben was able to manage being a school counselor in addition to being a coach for high school baseball. Ben ultimately retired as a coach as he began establishing a family.
The City High Professional
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