My Experience At A Pizza Restaurant

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Have you ever had an utterly insignificant moment change your life? A moment that if it had not had an unforeseen consequences you would have completely forgotten it? These moments are the things that most of our lives are made up of. Some are small like, what would have happened if you decided eat at a pizza restaurant instead of a Mexican restaurant. Some are big like, taking a right turn when you needed to go left, making you late for work, and your boss upset with you. It’s these little moments where we made decisions or accidents that make our lives the way they are. There in one moment in my life that had it not caused quite a difference in my present and future I would have forgotten about it. I would have probably never thought…show more content…
I wasn’t going to let something as dumb as a bruised up knee stop me from seeing my best friend.

A few months had gone by after the incident and I had started to notice that my right knee was starting to give me a lot of trouble. I was finding it painful to stand for long periods of time. Whenever the weather would change my knee would stiffen up and become extremely painful to move, which made my job as a karate instructor rather hard to do. As time progressed, I also developed severe pain in my lower back and left knee. At this time I had approximately three doctor visits trying to find out what was causing me such pain, but no one was able to figure it out what exactly was that cause. They chalked it up to my knees being grinded down from work is a strenuous environment. As a result, I started to see a chiropractor to help ease my back pain.

Almost three years had passed with no improvement for my back or knee. As time went on my condition worsened. I now had pain in both knees and my back was constantly aching. Because of this I decided to start seeing a different chiropractor. I needed a new opinion all what I might be able to do to help relieve the pain I was in, besides quitting my job. That’s when I met Dr. Gunn. He was an older gentleman who was very experienced in his field. He sat me down in his office and we had a long talk about what was causing me immense pain. I mentioned to him that I once fell hard on my
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