My Experience At A R & B Concert

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I attended a R&B concert for the first time. It was a great experience and I enjoyed the variety music styles and stage presence. I went to witness the Free Improv Ensemble in concert organized by the department of music at The Music Center Concert Hall, at Columbia College, Chicago Music campus on Monday, November 27, 2017. The name of the group that was performing was called Royal. The performers and instruments that were being used were drum set, one electric guitar, two singers, one rapper, electric piano, an acoustic piano. Richard was the man on the piano. The person who was playing the drums was Chester and Allen, they were on bass guitar. The guitar player name was Austin and one rapper name was Anthony. The name of the singer was Angela who was doing all of the talking for the band. The names of the five songs that were performed were: Trust, Damage, Crush, Ocean, and My city. The piano and guitar were the two instruments that caught my attention; the pianist melody and rhythm was flawless, it made me and the audiences want to move to the rhythm during the concert. The improvisation and syncopation, swing, bent notes and styles helped to keep a awesome rhythm during the whole performance. I enjoyed the piano player, Richard most because he seemed to be very talented in his ability to play the piano.
He played without any form of sheet music in front of him. I could not believe it. He played for several minutes; the most complicated music I have heard on a
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