My Experience At A Team

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As this semester is ending, I am reminiscing about how overwhelming this class was. However, I acknowledge that there are a lot of astonishing things I have learned from this course. As an Engineering student, I was craving to acquire more knowledge that would help me in the outside world. Some things went as I desired and others did not, but I recognize that I could have done a better job to make this lesson more significant. Firstly, this course has exceeded all my expectations. When I first started the semester, I honestly thought the course was going to be just like the other classes; boring. But, to my surprise it was absolutely not. Of course, the class was exhausting, but I chose to remain positive. Therefore, I got to learn something very important which is how to work in a team. I worked with a diverse team of people coming from different parts of the world. A diverse team may face all sorts of drawbacks to accomplish a certain project and this is exactly what happened to my team. Every member had a valuable suggestion to add to what we were working on, but it took us some time to actually accept what each one of us had to say. Later on, we decided to put our differences aside and join forces so we can aim higher than what the professor expected from us. Therefore, I have learned that one brain is not as efficient as five brains joined to work together and be successful. Although, working with a team taught me meaningful things that I will use in the future, I
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