My Experience At Arizona State University, Everything Is New For Me

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This is the first year that I been study at Arizona State University, everything is new for me. After learned ENG194, I truly learned a lot about how to write a good essay, how to write a good email, how to take an interview with other, how to take the team presentation, how to apply a job. All the knowledge from this class are very useful. In the first project, I knew how to write a professional email. Actually, I never use email in my high school, so I did not know how to write an email. Before the class, I just use the way that how to write a mail to write an email to my professors. The text and the Messenger are very popular in our life. But mails or texts are different with official email. On the one hand, every email must include a formal opening and closing. Writing “Dear Professor” in the beginning, and writing “Thanks” in the end. It is just the rule of the email, and we need to say dear even if the recipient is a old man. On the other hand, the language choose in text is unlimited. The abbreviations are very common in text, because it is more convenience. But we cannot use “ASAP” in official email, whatever Professors understand it means as soon as possible or not. The second project was the very difficult assignment for me. I need to make an interview with others. There is no doubt that I never made an interview before. When I was a junior school student, I always made some trouble. Once I played a very dangerous game that upthrow other students. My teacher made

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