My Experience At Aviation Challenge And Space Academy

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My Experience at Aviation Challenge and Space Academy -Aviation Challenge- Day 1 When I first arrived at Aviation Challenge, I was expecting a very laid-back camp in which we get to do military style activities, but boy was I wrong. By the end of the first day, I had concluded that this military-based camp was just like the military (who would have known). On the first day, we were divided into teams, given call signs (nicknames), and given Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs). My team’s name was PPG, named after one of the camp’s sponsors, PPG Industries, a company that specializes in manufacturing glass for planes. I was assigned the call sign “Crab,” because when my group first met me, all they could imagine from my name was Sebastian the…show more content…
Day 2 On the second day, we learned more formation stances and positions including fall in, fall out, present arms, order arms, attention, at ease, left face, right face, and about face. I also was introduced on how to operate a military-style living space. In the morning when everyone got up at 6:30 am, we were required to make sure nothing personal was visible and fix our beds so they were uniform. To do this, we were required to fix each corner of the bed so it had a “hospital corner,” fold the top over, and have the blanket so tight that there are no wrinkles and one could bounce a ball on the bed. We were also introduced to simulators specially designed for the purposes of Aviation Challenge alone. On these simulators, we operated formation F-18 Fighter Jets; we learned the basics of how to operate the joystick and throttle and then practiced flying and land. We also learned how to shoot missiles, drop bombs, and fire bullets but didn’t practice those skills until later. Furthermore, we formed team positions. I was awarded Lead 1, which is a position that checks for enemies when crossing a road with Lead 2 when patrolling.
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