My Experience At Bethel African Methodist Church

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t a really tough time in my life, I set out to search for a connection with God. I visited many churches and denominations. I wasn’t sure what I was searching for and if I’d recognize it when I found it. While looking for a Bible, I called and subsequently visited the bookstore of the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Baltimore, Maryland. While in the bookstore I felt welcomed and cared for. That visit prompted me to attend the upcoming worship service. Upon arrival, I felt a connection to the environment and people. Behind the pulpit there is a large multi-colored mural with scenes from various functions of life. The artist depicted the people with multi-ethnic physical features. This certainly was not a Michael Angelo rendition. I felt a sense of belonging. The pastor used Psalm 51 for his text. Although the topic of sin was a part of his sermon, the message that I heard was one of mercy, love, acceptance, deliverance and restoration. My experience at Bethel felt like a great burden was lifted; I felt free. I was no longer alone; I found a community of people who were also on a spiritual journey. Although I had been in therapy for a number of years prior to my profession of faith, it was my new found relationship with God that empowered me to make some personal changes. I describe my conversion experience with three terms: liberation, empowerment and community. My connection with the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME Church) came as a…
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