My Experience At Birchland Park Middle School Essay

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Over the past four weeks, our class had an experience gaining, eye opening opportunity that us as a class were able to capitalize on to further our knowledge and experience as teachers. The opportunity for us to work at Birchland Park Middle School over the past four weeks was an irreplaceable experience being able to work with middle school students and working along side such knowledgeable and experienced teachers at such a great school. I can personally say, the feedback that I received from my students as they were learning the content and performing the lesson, the feedback and friendly life comments I received from my cooperating, Ms. Crews, and the feedback I received from Mr. Losee and Dr. Lorenzo, all together was one greatest learning experiences I am able to take away a plethora of knowledge.

Reflections about my teaching experience/s and developing effective teacher behaviors.

Through this experience I feel as if I grew so much as a physical education teacher. From the first lesson all the way to my third and final lesson there was room for improvement in all of my teachings. But, as each lesson progressed I saw my self improve on the areas I saw I needed to work on as well as, I continuously accepted the feedback from my cooperating teacher, Ms. Crews and the instructors of my PHED 238 class. The feedback I received from all the teachers I had worked with in these four weeks helped the improvement of my teaching behaviors were beneficial. An example of

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