My Experience At Cedar Hill Collegiate High School

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Over the course of my life, I have incurred numerous challenging situations. Although most challenges are short term in in the grand scheme of things, my longest and ongoing challenge would definitely be attending Cedar Hill Collegiate High School.
Towards the end of the eighth grade, I had several decisions to make about my future. My mother did not want me to stay at the charter school I was attending, and the majority of my friends had already stated that they were planning to move on. I had very few options at my disposal. I could either attend the regular high school, transfer to Cedar Hill Collegiate High School, or try to convince my mom to let me stay at my current school. The problem with attending Collegiate was that most students believed that it was literally impossible to be accepted, let alone succeed there. It was a school for people deemed to be super nerds. It was a school that was so difficult that it would set you up for failure. Although the thoughts lingered in my head, I knew that of my options, Collegiate was most likely the best one in terms of setting myself up for a bright future.
However, when my classmates found out where I was transferring to, some of them scoffed and ridiculed me. They believed that I would not be there for long, or would sacrifice my entire high school career to succeed. They were not shy about stating their opinions, and frequently presented their discouraging speech to me. Though I, too, had heard the horrifying rumors…

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