My Experience At Connecticut College

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“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain point on the floor, it’s to enjoy each step along the way.” (Wayne Dwyer) There is no description or analogy more accurate to describe my experience both watching and performing dance this past semester at Connecticut College. As a freshman, it was difficult to move forward with dance in a new environment since I have had the same dance experience for 15 years. I found myself equating movements and steps to styles more known to me; I was searching for comfort among the abundance of unfamiliarity. The challenge was to embrace modern dancing for everything it entailed. Through watching both professional dancers and other students, as well as improving my personal technique, I certainly feel that I have found a new appreciation for dance. Of all the dance performances this semester, my favorite was the Department Concert. Even though all of the artists were extraordinary to watch, I was able to connect with the dancers most during the Department Concert. Watching Connecticut College students perform gave me a different feeling than the other shows. I could relate to the performers better because I have had conversations with them outside of dance and they have been there as mentors to me and the other freshmen. This feeling of inclusion was only possible because of the atmosphere of the department; everyone, regardless of class year, is genuinely welcomed. I also believe that seeing students perform the work was
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