My Experience At Cpo Academy

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Throughout my time at CPO Academy I have been personally struck by the depth of knowledge, professionalism, and character of all the staff and for the first time felt a real palpable sense of being involved in something special with a real sense of purpose and a very long and special history. The CPO Academy brings the idea to the surface what most members only think about in passing, and that is how important the rank of the Chief Petty Officer is in the Coast Guard both now and into the future. The most important lessons that I have learned from and will take back to my unit from the CPO Academy include the lessons learned from The Leadership Challenge, a more dedicated sense and commitment to my health and physical fitness, as well as the value in the lessons learned from Sexual Assault Prevention & Response. One of the big things I will take back from CPO Academy will be the lessons I learned from The Leadership Challenge and the LPI survey. During this time I was given the opportunity to learn about and study a true master of leadership in John Wooden. By studying John Wooden and how he rallied many of his students to win 10 NCAA Championships in a row, I gained a new appreciation for what it really takes to create a winning team. One thing I learned was the importance of living up to some higher ideals and values. In this regard, he provides a good framework with which to begin. It’s interesting to me to note that he carried a card in his pocket with

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