My Experience At Eastern Connecticut State University

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In my time at Eastern Connecticut State University, I learned a lot about myself and what I have been doing as a student. In that time, I learned not only about myself, my academic strength’s and even learned to think critically and ask questions. Eastern has taught me to be myself and this campus puts more emphasis on individuality over group thinking. I learned a lot in applying my critical thinking skills to my history classes and learned a lot in how to look at History in everyday context. What my experience at Eastern as taught me that, I never gave up and I always persevere in many difficult challenges this campus has tossed at me. I always came out on top and learned to deal with challenges that I will face later in Graduate school and in life. In my History Research paper, I learned a lot in how to work a history presentation. It taught me a lot about what I can do. It was a challenging History research paper and along the way, I learned to overcome those challenges. I was challenged in many ways such as finding primary and secondary sources. I was often times challenged in how I write a paper and many times it took trial and error to get the paper right. My research paper was a challenge to me because it taught me to write deeper than ever before. I was at times very frustrated with the work, but I learned to over come them. I also learned that no one ever works alone in writing a history research paper. You have classmates, friends and buddies who often times
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