My Experience At First Middle School

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Nice to Meet You All during Elementary School I couldn 't wait 'till Middle School no more taddle tails. A different teacher every day, No more cranky teacher for the whole day. Yeah! The best part about it is that there will be air conditioning. I know that sounds really weird but at my old school there was no air conditioning so at the end of the school year the rooms would get super hot and none of the teachers would want to turn on the fans because they were loud and the students would get really distracted. I know that sounds crazy. I thought it would be the best years of my life. Everyone and I mean everyone said that said that it would be really hard. At first Middle School was really easy. I met some of the nicest people I will ever meet. I was in or at least I though I was in. I thought I was one of there friends. I though they were one of mine. I hate to say this I mean I really truly hate to say this but I was wrong. Super wrong. When I was told that it would be hard. I though by hard when they meant math would be hard. I was also wrong then to. I 'm starting to thing I 'm wrong a lot. I didn 't think they meant that friends and meeting new friends would be hard. Dealing with friend drama is really hard. Middle School isn 't just hard it 's impossible. Well almost impossible. Middle school has its ups and downs, well mostly downs if I 'm honest. As I was saying Middle School is hard I mean their is drama lots and lots of it. I mean their is
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