My Experience At High School

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High school is one of those times in life where most people have the best times of their lives, but for me I just wanted to get through it. Coming in freshman year I was done with the cattiness of the girls, the social pressures, and the monotony of school. Then I discovered the joy of ceramics! Ceramics was unlike any class I had taken in my entire life and had far reaching effects on my life. Ceramics kept me in high school by sparking my creativity and all of life’s possibilities. In high school I found joy in ceramics, found out what it was to no longer practice, and what it was like to start doing it again after thirteen years.

Freshman year of high school I decided I was done with the large group of friends I spent my grade school days with due to the various lacking values I saw in my “friends”. With the determination I wanted to radically change life as I had known it, I decided to surround myself with those with similar interests. While I continued through my high school education I continued taking ceramics classes, learning how to hand build, throw, and various other techniques. Being able to take a lump of clay and throwing it on a wheel to evolve into a beautiful work of art satisfied my desire to morph myself into something more than what I was. Over four years my skills built up to amassing a collection of pieces I was very proud of. The only looming issue with my new found passion was that graduating would mean I would no longer have the resources to

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