My Experience At Huntington Middle School Under Mrs. Rivera

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For my middle level observation, I had the honor to observe at Huntington Middle School under Mrs.Rivera in sixth grade hub class and Math. I was very fortunate to have had this opportunity, as I have observed things that I have mixed emotions about. In this paper, I will discuss the different ways Mrs.Rivera taught, and the different components that made up her math classroom. Starting from the very beginning of my observation, I observed a few things immediately. Upon entering the classroom, I was approached by an aroma of lavender diffused by an oil diffuser that was placed strategically by the door to help students get a calm and refreshing start on the morning. I also noticed a few other things about her room. First, her room was…show more content…
This allowed the students to feel confident in what materials they were working on. I personally believe that confidence is key in for a student. This is where Mrs.Rivera really shined. Where Mrs.Rivera did not do as well in was classroom interruptions and transitions. Not that she did bad, but improvement should always be a top priority. After first period switched to second Mrs.Rivera was not ready for the next class to begin. She fumbled around trying to find the work, that she had printed off. She came to the conclusion that she did not actually print them, and the copy machine was still waiting on her password. Mrs.Rivera left me to watch the class while she stayed at the workroom for 15 minutes waiting on the copies to get finished. This was not very professional in my opinion. I feel that she should have already been prepared. She was not the best at classroom interruptions as well. In all honesty, the way classroom interruptions were handled was not professional either. When a student would speak about something irrelevant to the topic, she would interact with the student and get very off topic. I found this very confusing, as there was a test the next class day, and they were currently working on their review as a class. Overall, in my honest opinion, this could have been handled in a much more mature fashion that encouraged the student to
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