My Experience At Ink Interactive Museum For Kids Essay

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Introduction During my time observing at INK Interactive Museum for Kids, I not only encountered children of all ages and cultural backgrounds, I also encountered many of the topics discussed in this class during the course of the semester. I was able to get a firsthand look at how these methods work, and how they assist in a student’s learning environment and educational achievement. I got to assist with the children at the museum and watch them come in shy and timid at the vast learning environment, and then leave with a thirst for learning and amazement at what they encountered at INK that day. Many of the experiences and learning methods I encountered at INK helped me gain a better understanding of how these topics are implemented in the classroom, and will guide me in the future as I shape my future classroom around many of these methods.. Throughout this paper I will discuss my time at INK, reflect on what I learned as future educator, and how these experiences will influence the teaching methods in my future classroom. INK, Interactive Neighborhood for Kids INK Interactive Neighborhood for Kids, is an interactive children’s museum that aids in the curiosity and learning of children at a young age. They offer activities and interactive experiences for children ranging from preschool to older children in 5th grade and up. It is set up by rooms that offer interactive experiences, such as acting out a play, running a diner, shopping at a grocery store, running a
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