My Experience At Lakeland Community College

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Looking back on every class, every book, every professor, every experience and every friend that has brought me to where I am today; graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a concentration in applied communication from Kent State University, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. I am going to demonstrate my reflections on my learning experiences, the connections between my coursework, internship experience, and growth as a communicator while focusing on the power that education has in my life. My journey began at Lakeland Community College (LCC) in Kirtland, Ohio in 2011. I started taking general courses, not knowing which direction would be the best for me to go into. This would be my greatest obstacle to overcome, but I knew with certainty that I would soon find out which direction to set sail in. I spent two years at LCC and gained confidence in my abilities and suddenly realized my great potential through all the doors that education started to open for me. I had an amazing opportunity to enter a speaking competition at LCC and placed in first. I realized when my goal was to give the audience an impactful message and was not focused on winning, that communication was one of my strongest assets and greatest passion. Discovering this was a primary blessing and actually winning the competition became a secondary delight. It was also at LCC that I became conversant in American Sign Language, made new friends, established excellent rapport with the
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