My Experience At Las Vegas

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Article 7 – Want to make your casino bonus count? Then read this!

Everyone loves a “freebie” and in most cases freebies don’t come any bigger than the famed casino bonus. My very first experience of the casino came over ten years ago when some friends and I paid a visit to Las Vegas, while there I spent countless hours at the blackjack table. I knew a bit regarding the basic strategy, so I definitely fancied my chances. After giving it my all I found myself burned by the whole experience, Las Vegas proved to be pretty cruel and my money was gone in very little time at all. At the time I put my experience down to the in-house casino environment. Since then I have headed online and given what has happened I’m glad I did.

Let’s start with my first step in the world of online gambling, the casino bonus. I found that the one I used to be a great tool for sampling the online casino world. Back when I was first starting out the online casino world was a different place to the one it is today. Online casino bonuses at the time were something that you needed to hunt for, hopefully finding yourself one with low wagering requirements in the process. After getting myself plenty of free funds to play with I got to work with variety play in mind. For many years I had seen people pick up a bonus and blow it all through ridiculous betting strategies. People would bet on random roulette numbers and on both sides of the pass in craps, while in poker and blackjack they would seemingly play
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