My Experience At Moro Performance

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Introduction For my internship I was at Moro Performance, which is a crossfit gym. Moro Performance does personal training and also class training. Most of their workout are high intensity in order to push each and every person to their highest potential. The also are going to host speed camps this summer for middle school, high school, and college athletes. I was their facilities manager this semester, which included everything from cleaning bathrooms to planning equipment rotation. One of my biggest contributions to Moro Performance this semester was creating a rotation of the weights, bikes and rowers. My other big contribution was planning out the addition of a projector and screen for various different events. Entering my…show more content…
After trying to set a date for this event, Anthony and Lisa decided to not hold the event, because we had just had an event for Saint Patrick’s day. While I was planning out the projector and and screen, Anthony and I had many talks about why he was pushing me to do things a certain way. He mainly wanted me to work independently on this, and when I had the entire plan finished. I would then sit down with him and tell him what the plan was, why we were doing it this way, and how much it would cost. He wanted to teach me this for future jobs, whether it be at Moro Performance or the Brewers, he wants me to be able to just be given a task and complete the task without having to ask my supervisor question after question. Along with this, I learned how to plan an improvement with funding constraints. As I planned to put the projector and screen in, Anthony reminded me several times of our budget. Moro Performance does not have a large budget right now, so it was important for me to keep costs down anyway I could. Learning Objectives My first objective was to know what it takes to run a local gym. I did learn first hand the time and effort Anthony and Lisa put into the gym in order to make it work. Both Anthony and Lisa are at the gym around 6 a.m. till about 7:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. They have reduced hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but
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