My Experience At My Bedroom 's Door

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When a frantic knock came to my bedroom’s door, I was standing in front of a three sided mirror looking at myself. I had purchased a floral print bikini the same day I had my conversation with Howard’s cousin Myra and lucky that I had. It had taken me nearly three days looking at myself in it for my face to no longer redden. Even with the floral wrap giving the illusion that my lower half was covered still left very little to the imagination as to what was under it. I had even returned to the boutique to look over less revealing swimwear, but this was what Myra had suggested. My mind was changed when the least expected event occurred. I had overheard a few women angry whispers about someone like me who can eat all they want and look like they are preparing to walk down some fashion runway in Malan. Skinny girls like me were always the ones the guys truly want and if I had what they called boobs, then I would have men walking into walls. After looking up what boobs actually meant, I now understood what Myra was saying and put back on my floral print bikini. I still wasn’t going to get breast implants, but at least I was no longer self-conscious about being called Long Legged Hendrix behind my back when I was in boarding school. Now I knew it was more than just an insult. It was jealousy. Once again I caught myself looking at all of me in the three sided mirror giggling and having all thoughts of inappropriate ideas. Whoever was disturbing my… “Come in,” I
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