My Experience At My Cabin

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The soft waves from a nearby boat crash along shore and the tender morning sun peeks its way through my blinds. I am at my cabin and I can’t wait for our action packed weekend full of tubing, fishing, and most importantly, relaxing. After a standard four waffle breakfast I make my way out to the wooden dock to begin my day of fun with a stimulating tube ride. My driver is crazy and my hands are white-knuckle clenched to the grips of the tube. The rush of being dragged behind a powerful jet-ski at thirty miles per hour and being whipped across the water is my personal favorite activity. The cold air rushing over your body and the lukewarm water crashing into your face makes the thrill of attempting to stay on the tiny floating piece of cloth nearly impossible. The dull figure eight formation results in massive waves and multiple aching falls. My brother Jack and I are tenderly on the back of a small four-by-four foot tube and eagerly waiting for our ride to begin. The engine flares up and my dad hits the gas. Immediately a sharp left, then a rolling right and waves come head on, the first one was taken easily, the next flings my left hand off the tube and I slowly roll into the water. The thought of the pain of falling powers me to grab back on and keep riding. Jack yells go from encouragement to freight in his high-pitched screech that a twelve year old naturally has and I know that the end is near. In the horizon I see the product that the figure eight has created, the
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