My Experience At My Field Experience

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Introduction It’s interesting to me that I’m learning how to teach. The course material I learned in EDUC 2130 gave me a brighter perspective when I observed and mentored children during my field experience. The educational psychology theories and practices opened my eyes to concepts I could identify with at my field experience site. The 20 hours of field experience impacted me in a positive way - intensifying my desire to become a teacher. Mentoring and observing students altered my perception and gave me a better understanding of a teacher’s role in the classroom. It was a necessary task that all educational majors should do.
Field Experience Site: Oconee Middle School/North Oconee High School The first field experience site I visited was Oasis, an after school program ranging from kindergarten to 3rd grade. Unfortunately, I only attended one day and realized my school and work hours conflicted with the Oasis’s schedule. Also, it proved to be a chaotic experience and didn’t align my career aspirations to be a middle school teacher. The encounter resembled a daycare atmosphere and seemed more suited for an early childhood major’s field site than secondary education. I requested another site and my professor gave me the opportunity to mentor a student at Oconee Middle School. This was more of my niche. I was introduced to two students that demonstrated disciplinary problems and repeatedly misbehaved in class. My supervisor, Mrs. Felsberg, believed the two
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