My Experience At My First Started At Trine

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When i first started at Trine, I felt strongly that learning was important to my growth and development but I have never acted on this feeling ; but, I felt that i would finally change from when I was in middle and high school when I entered college. I feel that i can learn basically anything, and that limitations on my learning that set on myself would be gone. If I open myself up to learning and give myself to my studies, I know I could fuel my potential to its fullest. I know that learning increases my options and gives me the means to respond to the multitude of opportunities in the engineering career. My perspective when i first started was that i was going to change from the past; studying, taking note, participation in class, I planned to do all of that and I wanted to do all of these so i could improve in academia. In observing my first few weeks of entering my classes it shows that i had been showing changing from my past, I took notes in almost everyone of my classes, i was engaged in the classroom activities, and I paid close attention to anything the university professors’ said. One can never tell when it will be necessary to suddenly shift gears and proceed in a new direction, but I was making progress that not only i could tell but my peers and more importantly my family. I did want to pursue a major course of engineering, and the studies that usually associate with it came easy to me from math to working with designing programs but i didn’t excel in because of

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