My Experience At My Grandfather

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Laying down on the window sofa next to my grandfather, I wondered why they did not make a fold out couch for family members. My grandfather and me threw tired sentences into the air; I mentioned my experience tutoring students and serving with the AmeriCorps HPAC program and he, a stage 4 cancer patient, about his experience of surgery and recovery. He muttered under his breath, “Bhavi you can go home and rest, they take good care of me here.” Something, I would have never heard my grandfather say years ago. My family is from a small rural village in Kashmir, India. They did not have access to primary care and had to travel miles for care creating a lack of knowledge and trust in the healthcare system. My grandfather still talks about how his father died due to unnecessary surgery. Escaping violence, we were fortunate enough to come to America, I am the second generation of Ohioans that have risen from poverty. My family would not have made it without proper medical care. Consequently, I serve in under resourced communities around North East, Ohio, through the AmeriCorps program because I know the power of bringing healthcare and education to those communities. It fosters the creation of individuals that are critical thinkers and open to accepting and expanding with new information. Therefore, I was drawn to the holistic patient-centered education that is central to osteopathic medicine because they view a patient as a narrative, not a set of symptoms. After shadowing Dr.

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