My Experience At My Hospital Volunteer Work

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Born two months premature at just under five pounds, I like to believe that starting small can lead to big things. My parents were informed that it was unlikely that I would attend public school or gain the ability to speak well. But they were undaunted and instilled in me a can-do attitude. For the next dozen years I worked hard to overcome those setbacks with a steady routine of speech, motor skill and nutrition therapy. Without knowing it then, those difficult experiences were building my character and inspired my future. During my hospital volunteer work, I learned about the critical role diet plays in health, particularly for expectant mothers. Working with the Food Trust and Act in Faith nonprofits, I discovered how difficult it was for low income people to access nutritious food; and working with Aramark I developed a love and respect for preparing and serving healthy meals. Now, as I move on from West Chester University, I am proud to say that I am able to pay forward the kindness I received as a child, and the knowledge I 've gained through my studies and work, as I pursue a profession in dietetics. Good and accessible nutrition is vital for every person 's wellbeing, and I want to dedicate my life 's work to this field. I was fortunate to start my career at 16 at Chick-fil-A where I learned about teamwork and what it truly means to adopt a service philosophy. From there I polished up my culinary skills and learned about efficiency working as an assistant chef at…
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