My Experience At My Job

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I worked the seven am to three pm shifts April 1st, April 2nd, and April 3rd this weekend is considered one of the busiest weekends of the year for The Courtyard.. This was my second year working bridge run weekend. We have entered our busy season at the hotel, the phone never stops ringing. Most of my coworkers consider bridge run weekend to be one of the craziest weekends of the year. After my experiences working with our hot water issues I now feel equipped to handle anything thrown my way. Bridge run weekend felt like a piece of cake to me. My shift seven to three shift on Friday was tiring and stressful like most shifts at the Courtyard are. Our hotel doesn’t use centralized reservations so the phone rings constantly. I spent the whole day trying to juggle blocking rooms, coordinating with housekeeping, and constantly answering phones making reservations. At one point I was jumping from one phone to the other. My assistant general manager came out and told me that she and my general manager were watching me juggle the phones and they thought it was funny. This shift was like many other shifts that I have worked. It was busy and uneventful. I never left the desk not even to run to the restroom.
I have a coworker that is always late to work, she refuses to answer phones, she sits on a sofa in front of the front desk during her shifts, she leaves work when you work a shift with her without clocking out for over forty five minutes at a time to pick up food, she makes…
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