My Experience At My Life

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Since I was little I’ve had a passion for cooking and baking. I loved to cook, from soup to stir fry and from brownies to cakes. When I cook, I feel like I can do anything, and it brings me joy when I see the people I care for enjoy it as much as I do. Cooking has brought me closer to the people in my life and has brought me closer to my heritage. One day I wanted to challenge myself and my cooking skills to see how far I could get and what I could achieve. When thinking about the next type of food I wanted to cook, I started to enjoy a different type of animation. I started watching a lot of Hayao Miyazaki as well as Bob Kuwahara and Makoto Shinkai. With this in mind, I wanted to know everything about authentic Japanese dishes. I wanted to recreate and relate my food to a new hobby and a new interest in my life. When researching different Japanese dishes I found it a tad difficult to find authentic dishes. It wasn’t until I researched a whole lot more about Japan’s culinary culture that I found out why. When we think about Japan, we think of it as a single island, but in reality it’s made up of four large islands and thousand of smaller ones. Knowing that Japan is made up of multiple islands, gives it an automatic association with the ocean. Meaning, that the majority of their cuisine is made out of sea related food. The Japanese culinary culture and it’s traditional ways of eating them has been influenced by other nations. During the development of Japan, China was a

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