My Experience At My Life

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Last year during winter, my friend and I decided to spend our day in Chicago. It was a cold, brisk day and it started snowing. We had our warm coats on, yet we were still freezing. On our way to get to the train station, we saw a homeless man, he had no coat on and he was shaking from the cold. I looked at him, and suddenly I felt his pain. It was a strange moment and I wanted to feel the cold that he was feeling, I wanted to be in his shoes so I took my coat off and I offered it to him. My friend stopped me and he gave the homeless man his coat instead. In that moment, there was a smile on the old man’s face, he wore the coat immediately, and he gave us his blessings. After reading both, the article “ Baby in The Well”, and “ The Empathy Exams”, this occurrence immediately came to my mind. While reading about empathy, I felt déjà vu, and I remembered how I empathized with the homeless man by the train station. In the article,
“Baby in the Well” and the book “ The Empathy Exams”, both authors agree that empathy is human and it is what we need, however there Is a lack of empathy in our society. Paul Bloom mentions a quote I find very interesting at the very beginning of his article. “ I believe that we don’t have enough empathy in our world today, and it is up to your generation to change that.” (Bloom 1) Empathy means to feel the pain that someone else is feeling in a certain situation. It means to be in someone’s shoes and feel their sadness or their sickness. In our

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