My Experience At My Mini Unit On The Civil Rights Movement

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This week I attended all five days of block teaching. Monday was a boring day, because the students were learning the basics of PARCC testing. I just sat there and observed while they took their practice test. The rest of the week Tuesday through Friday I got to teach! I taught my mini unit on the civil rights movement. It was a four day unit and the students really enjoyed it. Having the opportunity to have complete control for four whole days was amazing and a great learning experience for time management. I was able to go at my own pace and my lessons were able to spill over into the next day (this happened a few times). It was so refreshing to not feel rushed and the students got to learn more at their own pace. I really got the feel for classroom management and how planning for a whole week feels like. Since this week was my mini unit week my mentor didn’t teach at all. Therefore I can’t really answer the question of what effective classroom instruction or procedures my mentor used. I did receive very thoughtful feedback both verbal and written on my week of teaching from my mentor. If I have to answer this question I would say my mentor is very thorough and detailed when she gives feedback to both the students and me. I am currently having the best block experience I could ever ask for so I again (same as the weeks before) do not have any concerns at the moment. I think my mentor is the best fit for me and I am learning so much from her and the students. I really
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