My Experience At My Part Time Job

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Over the past few months, I have been working diligently at my part time job. After saving every last penny that I earned, I now have a total of $3,000. What better way to spend my summer earnings than to treat myself to an extravagant vacation? To make my extremely difficult decision of where to go easier, I have narrowed down my choice to only two destinations: Brussels, Belgium, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Although I have simplified my selection to only two vacations, the decision is still quite difficult; after comparing my transportation costs, the price of my hotel and other essential accommodations, average meal prices, and the exciting excursions I have planned, my decision should come much easier. Every child’s dream, including mine, is to be surrounded by chocolate for a week; this dream of mine has lured me to consider Brussels, Belgium, as a lavish vacation spot. Before I can begin my journey there, I have decided to organize a detailed plan of my exhilarating vacation. First, my family generously offered to drive me to the Memphis International Airport in Tennessee, where I will board my first flight to Belgium on June first. Aside from my flight’s estimated time to be fifteen and a half hours long, I was able to find a good deal of $1,114.00 on tickets and stay within my budget (“IEagle | Cheap Flight Ticket”). After arriving at the Brussels National Airport, I will take the free airport shuttle to my hotel. Because of the unique views and the many
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