My Experience At My Service Learning Site Essay

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One of the richest experiences that I had while at my service learning site was working with an English as a second language group. This group was filled with students who had just moved to the area and who were not fluent in English. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with this group in their ELA class and their Science class. This group was able to teach me so much about myself and they were also able to help me see how different my life was from theirs. When I began volunteering at the Edward F Parthum Jr Middle school two years ago, I believed that I would be able to connect with the students because I was raised by a single mother. I was raised in a very affluent town, however, by no stretch of the imagination was I rich. I thought that my financial situation and home status would allow me to connect with these students because I felt that my life was similar to theirs. I was soon shown that I was very wrong about my assumption. The students that I work with have a much worse like than I did. Many of these students do not receive support from their families because their parents work two jobs. I realized that many of these individuals did not receive support at home after watching them get their first science exam back. When I was working with the students the previous week, the teacher printed out study guides for each student and then she called each student’s parents to ask that they encourage their students to study. I went back to the school the next
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