My Experience At New Horizon 's Reach Center

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During my time of facilitating group, I learned that setting rules and boundaries in the initial meeting is very imperative. It sets the atmosphere for the group members to understand what is expected of them and for them to feel comfortable while receiving the help they need. My primary rule is “RESPECT”. When respect is the foundation, there would not be much interrupting of the facilitator or group members. However, not everyone will follow the rules. There will be many that may need redirecting because they are considered to be problematic clients. According to Yalom, there are eight problematic clinical types: The monopolist, the silent client, the boring client, the help rejecting complainer, the psychotic or bipolar client, the schizoid client, the borderline client, and the narcissistic client. Also, Yalom finds it necessary to keep group therapy notes on the individuals and the general group. While reading the details of the different types, I was reminded of my experience at New Horizon’s REACH Center, as a group counselor for individuals with some type of mental illness. I have worked with psychotic, bipolar, schizoid, borderline, and narcissistic client on an everyday basis, while being employed at the agency. Though, many of the clients shared some of the same problematic characteristics, the interesting part that stood out from the reading was the monopolist client. I remember vaguely two clients who appeared to be in competition for the monopolist position.
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