My Experience At Panera Bread

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Life teaches us lessons every day. Sometimes when we are in the midsts of frustration or confusion we never see clearly or understand the lesson from the situations we are put in. It is only through moments of reflection when a person can begin to see how certain situations have shaped their way of thinking or doing things. For a little over half a year, I worked a part time job during my senior year of high school at Panera Bread. During my time there i was able to observe and see all kinds of different family dynamics and people walk through the door every day. It was strange, it was different, and it was amazing all at the same time to see all of those different walks of life. A favorite memory of mine there that I will never forget occurred on Super Bowl Sunday night. Looking back on my experience from that frustrating night, I find that i learned the value of teamwork, work relationships, and I learned how the most unpleasant situations can turn into great unexpected surprises. To start at the very beginning, I have always had this certain manager that i could never really get along with workwise. Her name was Melissa and she was a corporate trained manager, making her more official and strict then the other managers and always going “by the books”. She was a short, long grey haired women that always wore these glasses that made her look like an old scary librarian. She had the nickname “monster mo” among the employees at the store for a reason. It was a fact known…

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