My Experience At Rio Grande Regional Hospital Essay

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Preceptorship Experience As a nurse I have always found myself reluctant to work in the mother/baby unit; yet, in the last few weeks I have had an exceptional experience in the post-partum unit at Rio Grande Regional Hospital leaving me with great interest to pursue a role as a postpartum nurse. This has come with the support of several preceptors and the exceptional mission and values held by Rio Grande Regional Hospital and its staff. I have earned confidence and knowledge as well as comfort in this field of nursing. I have found this experience to be both rewarding and experiential as Rio Grande Regional Hospital and its staff ensured that my experience in their facility was fulfilling. For this paper, an analysis of the designated facility will be outlined. The Mission, Philosophy and Objectives As an HCA Hospital and a pledge to treat one another with loyalty respect and dignity, Rio Grande Regional Hospital shares in HCA’s mission, vision and values to commit to care and improvement of human life. Rio Grande Regional Hospital applies that mission to every service we provide and every patient interaction. It’s part of our commitment to deliver high quality, cost-effective, compassionate health care to the McAllen, TX and Rio Grande Valley communities (RGR, 2016). Rio Grande Regional Hospital offers comprehensive, quality care close to home. The emphasis is placed on commitment, integrity, respect and excellence. They stand to be the best in their community and
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