My Experience At Spelman College

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In my first reflection, I elaborated on my personal goals in relation to my experiences at Spelman College. I spoke about how those experiences have influenced my goals. Since then my goals have not changed, however I have become more determined to reach those goals. My overall determination stems from the fact that I am surrounded by a vast group of intelligent and talented women. My Spelman sisters push me to reach greater heights, and they encourage me to not just be mediocre. Therefore, the consistency of my goals, my influences to acquire my goals, and my aspiration to achieve my goals all contribute to my success at Spelman College thus far. Some of the goals that I plan to accomplish include being on the dean’s list and obtaining a summer medical internship. I wrote about these goals in my previous reflection essay, and they have not changed since. I continue to work hard to achieve these goals. To acquire them I am studying hard and preparing myself for the scientific research I will do in the summer. I have discovered that it is extremely important to learn how to work well in groups, because the internship that I wish to obtain along with many other summer programs requires students from all over the globe to work with one another. So far at Spelman I have completed various group projects in classes like African Diaspora and the World, and I have grown to appreciate the genuine camaraderie that I gained with my group members. Working in groups helped to improve my

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