My Experience At St. Edward Confessor School

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For my fieldwork experience, I observed a third grade classroom at St. Edward Confessor School in Syosset, New York. During my six-hour observation, I learned many new and different aspects to the classroom. I observed both the teacher and the students during the school day, from an educator’s point of view.
The first observation I made about the teacher, Ms. Hayes, was that she was very passionate about her job. I could tell this is in many ways, but mostly by the way the classroom was arranged. According to Lynch, teachers should “use every possible area of the room to create an atmosphere that encourages participation and learning” (Lynch, 2015, p.272). The student’s desks were separated and put into rows, but at certain points during the school day they were allowed to rearrange their desks and get into groups. I think this is a very efficient way to set up the desks because some students are easily distracted and other students like working in groups to learn from each other. There was a smart board in the middle of the room so every student could see it from their desks. The smart board helped the students when trying to understand multiplication. Another aspect to the classroom that I thought was very important was the reading rug. The reading rug is a good way to get the students excited each day to listen to a new story, read aloud by the teacher. I could tell Ms. Hayes put a lot of time and work into decorating the classroom to make it a fun and studious learning…

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